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Free For All Kitchen

Gluten-Free Crackers and Gluten-Free Brownie Thins

PARTNERS, A Tasteful Choice Company, has launched its first gluten-free line, Free for All Kitchen®. Since 1992, Marian Harris, founder and creative spirit of all PARTNERS products, has spent countless hours blending high quality ingredients to create delicious wholesome baked goods. Our new gluten-free crackers and brownie thins are no exception.

Three years ago, Marian and the PARTNERS family recognized the importance of producing a gluten-free line and have been diligently working ever since. Why so long? It takes time to develop a delicious gluten-free alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste, nutrition, or quality.

It's time to Free Your Taste Buds® and experience what gluten-free snacking can be, delicious for all your friends, family, and guests to enjoy.

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Mia Dolci Cookie Crisps

Have you discovered our Mia Dolci Gourmet Cookie Crisps? Shaped like a cracker, sweet like a cookie, these delectable bites of goodness are excellent alone or paired with your favorite sorbet, ice cream, tea or coffee.

Available in three delicious flavors:
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Get Movin' Snack Packs

Are you looking for healthy and convenient snack options when you're on the go? Our Get Movin' Snack Packs are perfect for you! Ranging from 70 to 120 calories per pack, these cookies and crackers are made with all natural, wholesome ingredients.

and three delicious cookie flavors:
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PARTNERS Deli Crackers

Are you looking for something special for your next dinner party? PARTNERS Gourmet Artisan Deli Crackers are now available in select stores. Pair these elegant crackers with your favorite cheeses and spreads for an impressive party platter.

Available in three delicious flavors:
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